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My parents built our family's first home on Rosewood Court in a small town in Pennsylvania.  Over the years, my childhood home became the backdrop for so many special memories.  I remember all of the ways we used the space to gather with friends and family.  We cherish those memories. 

With the same sentiment, my husband and I, and our four kids, often reflect on special times we've had in our current home in Northern Virginia.  We built this home and took on various renovation projects over the last ten years to create a place that is unique and really works for us.  Our home is woven into almost every experience we have had.   

ROSEWOOD•NB is inspired by a love for construction and great architecture, and a desire to create beautiful homes for families. Cherished personal memories often tie back to the homes that we have lived in.  With this appreciation, we care to take the time to think through every detail, big and small, from concept to execution.  Our goal is to design and build homes knowing they will be filled with special memories for years to come.   

Nimisha Bhargava

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